Friday, June 11

the rain of school

A simple blink and the month of May disappeared.  A week of family home early in the month, two weddings with our own family wedding at the end of the month making it three weddings in one month, planting the garden and flowers, transcripting and a college application, and the daily routine of eating, sleeping, and living.

See anything missing in that paragraph?

Um, schooling.  Homeschooling, as a matter of fact.  Not totally missing, mind you, but it went on cruise control as four of the students were pretty much *working* on their own with my attention only briefly on the fifth as she still needs me as her full time teacher.  Even with cruise control on, the eventual follow-up should have been easy since I had scheduled our schooling to end the middle of May. 

After spending last week with my daughter-in-law and grands here, this week was the "let's take a look at our schooling" week and God graciously accommodated me with a cloudy rainy cool weather week which took away any desire to want to be outside (and yes, the truth around here is that the TEACHER has the hardest time staying inside once the calendar turns to June!).  

It was easy to quickly evaluate where everyone was with their schooling.  The first grader only has a few spelling tests left which isn't bad since I didn't start that book until she was reading well so she's actually well ahead of the plan and easily takes a test or two a week.  She also loves to read a bit every day which is also good because I love to hear her read and give her a hug and a kiss for every hard word (can a mother over-encourage?).  With the fifth grader, I've discovered she's taken the skip through her days approach only stopping here and there to stop and pick a daisy.  In other words, she's been sitting and doing school when told, but picking and choosing what she wants to do and leaving the rest.  She's been put on a summer school schedule which will have her sitting and working each morning completing each area with mom correcting before lunchtime until all her studies are completed (and yes, there were tears on her part and my part at the end of her evaluation). My diligent eighth grader is the shining student as her work was all completed and has kept my red pen busy writing okay on page after page.  She should get the applause today as the last chart is marked and she officially moves into high school (can you believe my girls are hitting high school already?)  The boys in high school both have some subjects completed for the year, but the least favorite subjects are lagging.  They've both been working exceptionally hard this week spending their days and evenings tackling the books which was only made possible by the rain eliminating the need to work with Dad (which did interrupt some of their May schooling) and baseball games getting canceled. 

So, yes, we needed a rainy week to help ease the severe drought our area has been experiencing, but we also needed this rainy week to help ease our school year to an end.  There has been success on both accounts and for that I am very thankful!

As the thunder rumbles here, I'm off to one last day of schooling for this week and am actually looking forward to it.  Soon we will be all done :-)

May good things rain in your garden!

Tammy ~@~


Tina said...

We did need this rain and it helped at our house too. I was getting worried that the kids would check out of school with all that hot spring weather.
I can't believe that you have another high schooler!! Time sure flys.

mom said...

I think we all pretty much checked out of school during May with that incredible weather! Once school is done we'll have to get together and talk garden, okay? :-)

Tammy ~@~

Tina said...

I would love that :)

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