Tuesday, June 22

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"The real business of your life as a saved soul is intercessory prayer.  Wherever God puts you in circumstances, pray immediately, pray that His atonement may be realized in other lives as it has been in yours.  Pray for your friends now; pray for those with whom you come in contact now." ~ Oswald Chambers

As I read this section this morning, I thought of how perfect it was for my day ahead.  Shortly I'll be traveling to the pregnancy center for a volunteer shift and as always have no idea what may lie ahead for me there today.  The scenarios presented are never the same and cannot be predicted when working with a variety of dynamics.  There is only ONE way to be prepared as you walk through those doors and that is with a covering of PRAYER.

But wait a minute!  I don't think Mr.Chambers was ONLY writing this for those who worked in certain areas of ministry.  He was writing this to ALL who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior which would include moms.  

We need to pray....for our families, for our friends, for our neighbors, for whoever may cross our paths on this day. We need to pray NOW.   When you are willing to be a regular intercessory praying mom, your heart and mind are open to wherever God leads you.  He'll give you the words when opportunities are available to share about your faith.  It could come through a phone call, someone who knocks on your door, or helping someone at the grocery store.  

YOU as a mom can be part of God's great adventure of reaching the world for Him!  What are you waiting for?  Starting praying NOW and keep your heart open to His leading.

Have a great day! 

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Laura said...

Good Morning, Tammy!
I'm new to your blog...stumbled across it from visiting a friends.
I love your posts...this one was especially dear to my heart. It is so true how vital our prayers are...for God commands us to do this. Being busy moms, we sometimes think that there is no time to add something else to our days, but I find that just lifting "little prayers" all through the day...wherever we are and whenever I see a situation...works best for me. It helps me to take the focus off of myself and put it on Him.
Love your blog...I will be back!

mom said...

Thanks for stopping by, Laura, and leaving some encouragement, too! All those little prayers add up throughout the day and does keep our focus right where it should be! Ohhh, love your profile picture and assume you're perhaps a fellow quilter?

Tammy ~@~

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