Thursday, June 3

the Rock of June

It's been a busy week around here as my daughter-in-law and two grands have stayed for a visit.  We've been busy on some BIG tasks which take much time and have kept us busy.  The time is passing much too quickly which reminded me that I hadn't yet flipped any of our calendars to the new month.
How did it get to be June already?  As I was writing down all the June events on the new clean calendar page, I could only shake my head knowing that a full schedule tends to lend itself to another month flying by.

"The Lord alone is my rock and my salvation." ~ Psalm 62:6

The verse of the month reminds me that even with the daily busyness, there is a constant solid rock to my days that will keep me steady even when activities have a way of knocking me off balance...the Lord alone!  

Make sure you get some alone time with the Lord during the busy summer month of June!

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