Monday, June 21

Simple Woman's Daybook for June 21

 For today June 21

Outside my window.....the skies are blue with patchy clouds as it looks to be a beautiful day to mark the first day of summer.

I am thinking....about all the spots in the house I want to sort through before my garage sale.

I am thankful.....for technology and the brief emails from a son who is in a dangerous part of the world. I can't imagine how difficult it had to have been for parents with children serving in the military years ago with such limited contact.  

I am denim capris and a t-shirt.

I am hearing.....the sound of fireworks in the late evenings as people apparently can't wait for the fourth of July!

I am creating.....a *care package* for a son and trying to figure out the customs form that is required to go with it.  Do they really want me to list out how many oatmeal cream pies I'm sending, how much they weigh, and their value (which would be priceless to the son receiving them)? 
I am send back the boys' set of schooling DVDs today.

I am reading.....Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper
I am praying.....for work projects calls to continue coming in for my husband.
I am remembering.....days with my oldest daughter when she was little as I watch and listen to her sweet little daughter. There's so many deja vu kind of moments that happen and bring back memories.

I am hoping.....that this silly blister that I got over our wedding weekend is finally healed enough that I can get back to walking without rubbing it raw again.

On my the antibiotic I'm on for my tooth abscess and the side effects I'm having from its harshness to my entire digestive system.  Wondering if perhaps I should make some phone calls today and switch it?
From the learning rooms....there are a couple of children still finishing up and will need to stay on a schooling type schedule for a while longer.

Noticing that....that my wild rose plant is about to bloom.

Pondering these words....."The disproportion between us and the universe is a parable about the disproportion between us and God.  And it is an understatement.  But the point is not to nullify us but to glorify him. " ~ John Piper (I love this quote!  We live in a culture that wants to put God at our level instead of recognizing how awesome and mighty and infinite and, well, the list could go on and on when you consider God....yet He loves me a little speck in the enormity!  How can I not want to bring glory to His name?)

From the kitchen.....there's the need to give my fridge a good cleaning out!

Around the house....are many little messes as I'm sorting things all over the house and leaving little piles as I put things where they need to go. 

One of my favorite keeping windows open day and night.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....are saying good-bye to my daughter, granddaughter, and pooch sometime today;  heading to the pregnancy resource center tomorrow for volunteer work and catching a son's baseball game; a birthday for my youngest midweek; and traveling later in the week to babysit for my grands.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
A good reminder for the summer days ahead....beeeeee happy!

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Enjoy this June day!

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Chris Worthy said...

I always enjoy your daybook. :) I wanted to suggest acidophilus for your tummy. I always have to take it along with an antibiotic. You can get it in capsule form and it is also the "good" bacteria in yogurt with live cultures. I hope that helps!

mom said...

Yup, already doing both things, Chris, and eating a banana every time I take it. This seems to be some powerful stuff though and I'll spare you the TMI....yikes!

Tammy ~@~

LaughingLady said...

I'm always infused with a feeling of peace when I read your daybook entries, Tammy. I hope someday to approach my weeks with your serenity, ambition, and desire to bless those around me. (I'm workin' on it ~ I know it isn't just magically going to happen!!)

How are you enjoying the book? Though I've got several others on the go and gazillions waiting in the wings, I'm actually sort of tempted to read it again already.

Laura said...

Hmmm, I have the same issue when I take antibiotics too. Eat some plain yogurt with no sugar too! Usually the acidophilus supplement works for me, maybe you can bump it up to two or three pills? No fun! My husband read "Don't Waste Your Life". Said it was one of the best books he ever read!

mom said...

Aww, thanks, Tammi! I am enjoying the book and being challenged by it. He does repeat his points to drive them home, but I get it and it makes sense. Now to apply it...

Laura, I have bumped up the supplements which has seemed to help quite a bit. I dunno about the plain yogurt though...hee hee...I kinda like that flavored stuff! And yay for your husband reading this book, too :-)

Tammy ~@~

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