Saturday, June 26

smile language

Everyone smiles in the same language.  ~ Author Unknown
One thing we've been doing every day since I arrived to babysit for the grands is to take a walk to the park a few blocks away.  Once there we are intermingling with kids and parents of every color, size, shape, and language.  As a people watcher, I find the park a very fascinating place and I think I have as much fun as the kids do.  They enjoy the swinging, sliding, spinning, climbing, jumping, running while I enjoy the smiling.  Smiling at the children who so easily smile back and chatter with me. Smiling at the parents who are there to unwind on the benches from the cares of a world that doesn't smile much. It's amazing how when you keep smiling a door opens and pretty soon they smile back as you engage in general conversation.  

I like to carry that smile down the sidewalks with us as we walk around the blocks or hike all the way to the grocery store.  And sometimes I will surprise these serious looking city folk with a "hello!" added to my smile.  Yes, I love the challenge of smiling to watch others smile back because a smile truly is in a language everyone can understand!

But in my heart I wonder how they'd react if I'd smile and say...."Smile!  Jesus loves you!"

Maybe I should try it.....

Tammy ~@~


Linda said...

Amen to your blog! I challenge myself every time I go to the store to say "have a good day" before the cashier puts them off guard...usually makes them smile and they are amazed that I actually care...I LOVE IT!!! And smiling and being in a good mood is super contagious!! People can't help but smile back at ya!!! Blessings to you and have a sweet day!!

LaughingLady said...

I've often wondered the same thing! But have never been quite brave enough to find out.

I'm like you, though. I try to make eye-contact and smile at each person I cross paths with on the sidewalk. I like to think of it as refreshing, since I'm almost always the initiator. Clearly, smiling isn't common practice among strangers.

mom said...

No, smiling isn't a common practice among strangers...

Be a light with your smiles, Linda and Tammi!

Tammy ~@~

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