Wednesday, June 23

storms or pickles

Since my husband had a meeting at church last night, I was the designated parent to travel with my youngest son to his away game.  An away game which turned into a double header to add a make-up game that had been rained out which meant we had to be on the road by 4 PM which was fifteen minutes after I got home from traveling home from the pregnancy center.  An away game that was in upper 80 degree weather sitting on a bleachers in the bright sun of a blue sky day.  
As I sat and watched him way out in the outfield, I realized that this could be his last year of baseball as he has hit the highest bracket of community baseball for youth his age.  It was kind of sad to think that all the time spendt watching my five boys (and my oldest daughter) playing baseball off and on through the years was coming to an end as baseball had been a family tradition that began the moment my husband and I met on a baseball field.

I smiled as a gaggle of little boys who had just finished up their little league games with their baseball gloved hands walked behind the bleachers talking about playing "pickle" and soon were avidly playing and laughing and sweating like crazy.  Then I witnessed my own son playing pickle as he made a move from third base to home.  YIKES!  WHAT was he thinking?....only to find out later that this was one of their *plays* that the coaches signal them to do but unfortunately the guy at bat missed his bunt which caused a very very close pickle which my son managed to remain safe at the end of the play.  Whew!
As the second game rolled on, the dark clouds began slowly rolling in across the sky behind the baseball fields.  It looked like rain would eventually be coming our way during the night.  Having a much better second game than first game, the crowd was watching the game much closer as the clouds discretely continued getting darker and bigger.  
And all would have been fine - at least back in the olden days - until modern technology interrupted with the use of cell phones which have weather radar tracking to tell us what was happening at 10 PM when the game finished.  An ominous red cell prompting tornado warnings to the counties northwest of us was headed our direction at about 25 mph.  We jumped into our car skipping a stop in town for some real food and quickly scurried home.  Once in the driveway and confirming it on TV, it appeared that the storm had diminished and passed north of us.  Whew!

Yet around 4 AM this morning a strong storm woke our household up with bright lightning, loud thunder, strong winds, and pouring rain.  Our power went out returning a few hours later.  The garden shows the effects with some flattened plants which will hopefully bounce back and there's also branches are down in the yard.

You know, some storms in our lives can be watched slowly coming on the horizon as we wonder when and how bad they will be once they do arrive.  It's always nice when our concerns are later diminished as we've prepared our hearts and minds for whatever may come.  But some storms come upon us suddenly for which we cannot prepare.  We look at the damage and know that only the Lord can fix things.  Storms and the fear that can come with them.

I'm am so thankful to know the Lord is with me whether the storms of life come slowly or quickly.  He promises to never leave me nor forsake me and is faithfully watchful over my life, even during the times when I get caught in a "pickle".  Knowing this gives me great peace.....

May you know this peace in your garden, too!

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Chris Worthy said...

This is such a wonderful post -- thank you for your discernment and encouragement!

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