Wednesday, June 16

testing tastebuds

A nice thing about summer is having a bit more time to visit some of my fellow bloggers and to actually have the time to try things found on their blogs or to follow their links leading me to good and interesting places.

Some recent discoveries were Randi's yummy popsicles that she and her daughter had made and which we made yesterday.  
You can see by the smile that they were a success here!  Of course, the hardest part of making these wasn't gathering the ingredients, but finding my Tupperware popsicle makers which I had put away in a place I would remember (ever do that?!) at the end of last summer.  We're looking forward to trying other fruits and will probably try vanilla yogurt in future pops.

Another thing I tried yesterday was Tracy's Green Monster drink that she posted about recently.  Since I didn't remember to take a picture, you'll have to check out hers - she is a wonderful photographer - and know that even if the drink may look a little too green for you, it really doesn't taste green at all.  In fact, Tracy's version has chocolate in it....hee hee.  I also followed the link where there was a listing of several yummy variations of this green drink.  I'm hoping this drink will give me more energy.  And if you live locally, no excuses for not trying this easy to make drink as spinach is currently on sale at a local grocery store.  I can't wait to use my fresh garden spinach!

And thinking of food and drink, yesterday while cleaning I ran across my box filled with recipes that I had clipped out of here and there and everywhere.  It does seem best that I begin trying these recipes or else toss them out.  As much as I enjoy finding recipes online, the reality is I have to print them out.  How much easier it would be to try recipes that are already printed out for me, right?  Hold me accountable, okay?

Off to get busy indoors again so *if* this rainy gloomy gray weather actually does move out of here I can fully enjoy the outdoors!  

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ChiGirl said...

Did you just say, "hold me accountable."? Scary words when your eldest daughter and I over hear them...hee hee!! So what recipe are you trying today?? :-)

mom said...

Thanks for the accountability....I think? LOL! Seems I should be able to take today off since I tried TWO new things yesterday? ;-)

Love you,

mom said...

Okay, had to come back with an update and say I DID try a new recipe tonight of something I had never made before....chicken cordon bleu! It was easy and a nice chicken change :-)

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