Wednesday, July 21

a bag full of traveling

While I was busy cleaning through closets for my garage sale, I ran across this quilted bag in the girls room. 
 When my oldest daughter was a little girl, my mom gave her this bag to use when she went to grandma's house for an overnight visit.  Jammies and a change of clothes could be stuffed inside the bag while her favorite dolly fit in the outside pocket and there was even a little pillow sewn on for her little doll head.  Hmmm....I had an idea for a birthday!  I threw the bag into the wash to get it as clean as possible and went shopping.
In one of the little shops downtown I found this sweet little orange haired dolly who was just the right size.  Immediately she was purchased and I dashed home to make sure she fit perfectly in the pocket in the bag. 
The next step was to look through my fabric stash to find fabrics with orange or that would go with orange so that I could make a little quilt for the dolly.  The blocks and strips were cut and sewn together (and yes, I had to put a heart in the center to go with my quilt theme this year....and yes again, I actually accidentally sewed this heart onto my apron underneath and had to take it all out and stitch it again!)
Look at this bright awesome quilt backing fabric!  This was actually some leftover fabric from a dress project that my mom had made for me as a young girl.  Pretty wild and full of flowers!

Once the little dolly quilt was hemmed, I wrapped the dolly up in it and stuck her in the front pocket of the bag sending her off to my granddaughter.  Oh, and I put some treats inside like a candy bracelet, a candy necklace, and some little gummy life savers for rings.  Candy is usually grandpa's job around here, but sometimes grandma can sweeten things up, too, don't you think?

My hope is that this little worn bag will continue taking journeys to a grandma's house for overnight visits!

Happy birthday, Princess! 

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LaughingLady said...

What a great idea! That doll is so cute and the quilt, well, it's gorgeous, of course!

My MIL did something similar for my oldest when she was younger, only it wasn't so much to pack her pajamas and clothing in as it was to specifically to store road-worthy toys, games, and activity books. We've used it for many years already! It's really just been in the last year or so that the girls have packed their own backpacks with various amusements instead.

mom said...

That's a great idea, too, Tammi! I may have to think about that one a bit as none of my grandchildren live close-by and need to travel hours to get here.

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

Oh, I love your bag and the goodies you got to put in it. I love the quilting fabric you chose for dolly's quilt. That backing fabric is the bomb Tammy!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

randi said...

oh how fun! this bag is full of color and happy things!

mom said...

LOL, Kimmie! Can you imagine having a dress sewn out of it? Thinking back I have no idea if it was fabric I picked out that my mom tolerated as I can't imagine her choosing it...hee hee....

Tammy ~@~

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