Tuesday, July 13

the foes of summer

We've had such a different summer this year.  It came early with warm temperatures from the outset, there's been more rain, and it seems that the result has been flourishing greenery everywhere and BUGS.
Of course, this guy wouldn't be in the bug category because he's our friend.  Mr. Dragonfly very wonderfully feeds on the mosquitoes around him.  But it seems that there is a plethora of other bugs who aren't so friendly.  My kids have had some of the strangest looking unpleasant bites this year and even our dogs have suffered from hot spots that are often initiated from bug bites.  I wish we had a bug book to look up some of these odd looking characters so that we could give them a name.  All I can say is that God was certainly creative when he worked on this category that we often don't see much of until the conditions are perfect.

May all the bugs in your garden be the pleasant friendly helpful kind! (And as I head out to my garden this morning I hope those are the ONLY kind in my garden!)

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