Wednesday, July 14

handle with nurture

Cancer's return came swiftly for my friend's mom and it seemed that we barely began praying when her mom left this earth.  Today a service and in a couple of days a burial.  

The passage of time does not stop when these events happen so that our hearts can catch up, but it keeps marching on.

My eyes fill with tears and a familiar ache of my heart returns as I remember like it was yesterday walking through this with my own mom.  I'm surprised that although the pain is not fresh, there is still a sharpness to it after five years. Perhaps because hindsight reveals that this loss came with so many days of numbness and foggy vision requiring step by step walking with a bit of depression along the way. Time does heal and clarity does return as hearts catch up with what the reality of your head already knows - your mom is gone and not coming back.

As I've pondered why the loss of a mom is so difficult, I believe it must be because they are the nurturers.  They love us unconditionally and are there whenever we need them.  They make sure we eat and have clean clothes on and mind our manners.  Their job doesn't stop once we leave home, but continues as they love our children with even more intensity.  So when moms leave this earth, there is a huge empty spot left in our life.  Who is left to nurture us?

Perhaps that is why it is important to have friendships with other women to provide some nurturing in our lives.  To have someone there to talk, laugh, and cry with you providing hugs when needed.  To be that Jesus with skin on to love others.

So while I spend today praying for Steph knowing God will overwhelm her with His peace and strength for these difficult days, I will also throw a bit of nurturing in her direction in the days ahead knowing the blessing it can be as her heart heals.

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Karen said...

praying for both families today...

stephseef said...


Kimmie said...

May He minister deeply to both of your hearts. Praying for you.

I lost my dad while I was pregnant with our first child. It was a terrible loss; as he was my best friend too. 19 years later and the ache is still there.

I think the problem is, is that you always need your parents.

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one homemade and 7 adopted

mom said...

<3 right back at you, Steph! {{{Steph}}}

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mom said...

And I think you're exactly right, Kimmie! {{{Kimmie}}}

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