Tuesday, July 27

it's a dog's life

We've had lots of "don't count your chickens before they hatch" moments this summer and ran into another one yesterday.  Our plans to connect with my oldest daughter in the morning to return her dog who we've been babysitting AND have her take her three sisters to her house for the week were canceled.  We seem to have a summer *bug* in the house which only one daughter had been dealing with so far, well, until we heard that my daughter-in-law took it home with her after their visit this weekend.  Now we'll wait to see who is next....

It is a survivable situation although there was much sadness abounding when the girls realized they'd be home this week instead of in the city going to parks and zoos AND shopping malls.  
But Cooper?  He wasn't all that sad about the situation.  He loves coming to Grandma's house so he can run and run and run (and fortunately has only run away twice in the week he's been here).  I really don't mind him being around as he's a happy kind of dog.  Always wagging his tail and minds me quite well.  He did get into some mischief yesterday as he chewed a couple of dog toys into little tiny pieces all over the kitchen floor, but that was fairly easy to clean up.  Plus he keeps our German shepherd running after him which is also a good thing.  

Hopefully we'll be able to connect this coming weekend so Cooper can head back home to someone who misses his a LOT.  And really, this post isn't about much else except to put his picture up here so a sweet little two year old far away could get a peek at her Coopie because I know she's missing her favorite companion. 

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keri said...

Yes, thank you for the pic. We enjoyed it. That and knowing he really is still at your house... ;)

mom said...

LOL! Yes, he is! Dad hasn't packed his bags and sent him home on the train yet...

Love you!

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