Thursday, July 15

kickin' again

And so we begin another soccer season.
Tonight is the first coaches meeting where we will receive all the general information for the upcoming season, get all our roster information, and pick up the gear we'll need for the weeks ahead.  Practices will begin in a couple of weeks with games starting at the end of the following week.

This will be my third year of coaching having had one season where we won all our games and one season where we lost all our games.  My hope is to have a nicely balanced season of wins and losses this year. 

This year I'm also blessed with an assistant coach who has five years of coaching experience!  Yay!  She took an assistant coach role to ease some of the responsibility and yet still be involved.  I'm looking forward to getting to know her and to have a teachable mind - and FEET - so I can become a bit more knowledgeable about the sport of soccer and the skills needed.  

Soooo, here's to another season of kickin'!  

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