Saturday, July 31

no longer a secret

Remember back in May when I was sharing about the garden secret?  Well, the secret has been out for a bit and is coming into its full glory!

Here's the before picture:

And here's the picture I took yesterday with the same two girls:
It's been fun because the grands have wandered in and out of grandma's sunflower house when they've come to visit.  Along the pathway, the zinnias are in full bloom and the cosmos are just starting to bloom.  The sunflowers are just beginning to bloom, too, and it will look so wonderful when all their sunny faces are blooming since we planted a variety of sunflowers.  

I did get a good chuckle yesterday when I was traveling with my girls and drove past a huge field of blooming sunflowers.  It was so fun to see the multitude of sunny faces looking our way.  One of the girls was concerned though as she wondered how they were ever going to pick all those sunflowers to sell especially since they were all growing so closely together.  I explained that these sunflowers most likely weren't for decorative uses but were highly likely grown for their seeds, like the sunflower seeds we put into our bird feeders.  It is fun to see birds on our garden sunflowers at the very end of the season as they peck the seeds out.  
Although I thought I may regret taking such a large space up in my vegetable garden for this secret, I absolutely love having flowers to walk past as I work among the vegetables.  They always make me smile!  (That was for you, Tina!)

Enjoy this last day in July, my friends!

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Ruth said...

Your garden is beautiful! I wish I have that much space to enjoy.

This post made my heart glad. Thanks!

mom said...

Thanks, Ruth! I love to mix flowers with vegetables to keep my heart glad! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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