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opposite contrary thoughts

This weekend I was able to finally finish reading a couple of books I've been slowly working my way through over the past several months. They were slow kind of books because I chewed over so many thoughts and Scripture as I read.  The same thought comes to mind now that I'm finished with them that I had the whole time I was reading them.  How?  Just how do I apply these principles to my life?

One quote I'm still thinking a lot about is this one which I read this weekend...."Both the sons of this world and the sons of God have been baptized into a spirit, but the spirit of the world and the spirit which dwells in the hearts of twice-born men are as far apart as heaven and hell.  Not only are they the complete opposite of each other but they are sharply antagonistic to each other as well."  ~ A.W. Tozer 

Believers in Jesus Christ are the complete opposite of those who do not believe in Jesus Christ.  Honestly this is not a difficult fact and is in fact quite simple, yet when I look at the world around me it seems profound.  Christians of today so often perfectly blend in with the non-believers around them.  If God suddenly extinguished the sun, would the light of the Christians shine bright enough to be seen from the heavens? Or have we learned to love the world and everything in it which is contrary to what God's Word instructed (I John 2:15-17)? 

As I go back to Tozer's book and one of the Scripture's he refers to - I Corinthians 2:14-16 - he writes:  "To a son of earth the things of the Spirit are either ridiculous, in which case he is amused, or they are meaningless, in which case he is bored."  Yes, the world believes Christians are foolish and unacceptable, so why wouldn't Christians want to blend in?  Who wants to be seen in that light?  So it's easier to extinguish their own lights a bit rather than completely grasp what the end of that Scripture passage says...."we have the mind of Christ."

Why not desire to live with the mind of Christ following His will for your life even if it's contrary to the world around you who may think you are foolish because by doing so what will become more evident to them is your Christlike love for them?  That you desire what Christ desires for this world which is that no man shall eternally perish?  That you are willing to live sacrificially and differently than the world if it means someone may find Jesus in the process?  That life really isn't about me who is an alien in this world anyways, but it's about Him? 

Yes, how do we apply all this to our lives and the lives of our children is my pondering thought of the day....

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LaughingLady said...

It does seem that the church, by and large, has wanted so badly to be attractive to the world (which is a good thing, of course) that it's become little more than a religious version of the world. (which is NOT good OR attractive to anyone ~ even our own members!!)

You and I have been pondering/struggling with this issue for quite some time ~ you'd think we'd be coming up with some answers by now!! But maybe the whole point is the need to continue trying to figure out what faith is supposed to look like on us because it will always be a little different ~ for us as seperate individuals and even within our own lives as our circumstances change.

Whatever the case, I think you and I both agree that we need to work at knowing how to look different!

mom said...

Yes, we are both in this same boat, aren't we? (and we will be in an actual boat if we both continue to get so much rain! LOL!) And it's isn't just the books, it's the Scripture sections that keep popping out to me. I keep praying...God, show me! Hopefully He'll show us both!

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