Thursday, July 8

opposite contrary youth

Perhaps one of the reasons that yesterday's post about opposite contrary thoughts was still ponderable came from a conversation that I had with my oldest son at home.  He had been gone a week attending a national youth conference with a group from our church and we spent some time chatting about the things he experienced and learned.  He shared about a conversation he had with a group of teens about dating.  

What surprised him and myself was the general feeling that it's okay for Christian youth to date non-Christians youth.


Perhaps this is their own feeling and not the opinion of their parents? 

Perhaps they need to be taught better methods of evangelizing youth their age than witnessing to a non-believer in a dating relationship since that seemed to be the excuse they used for taking that stand?

Perhaps a future youth ministry night could be geared toward having a Christian come and talk about the painful disheartening sorrow that comes from the burden of being married to someone who totally rejects their Savior?

Perhaps they need to be reminded of a commonly used Scripture verse for marriage (although applicable to a number of life situations such as business, etc.)?

"Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness?  Or what fellowship has light with darkness?" ~ Second Corinthians 6:14  (and keep reading through verse 18 for the full context)

OR if you missed it yesterday:  "Both the sons of this world and the sons of God have been baptized into a spirit, but the spirit of the world and the spirit which dwells in the hearts of twice-born men are as far apart as heaven and hell.  Not only are they the complete opposite of each other but they are sharply antagonistic to each other as well."  ~ A.W. Tozer  

It is such an important principle to begin sharing when your children are young so that when they enter their youth there is not even a possibility of considering any other option.  Having a born again believer married to a born again believer places a strong godly foundation in their lives which can be built upon as God's Word is their Source of guidance in all matters.  When this essential principle is lived out through marriage, future generations will be blessed by the unity found in their parents relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Hmmm, interesting how sometimes having opposite contrary youth is not a bad thing, eh?

May your garden path be strewn with lots of conversations with your children  as you show them a better way to travel the paths of life!

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Angela said...

Amen sister, I'm amazed and so sad by so many youth growing up in church and choosing to make decisions of the world when they are older, it truly grieves my heart. I have enjoyed your recent post and 100 agree with all of it. We really need to pray for our Church (America), we alway think about the unsaved but our Christians are luke warm in way too many cases. I tell my young children now, when your older, don't even LOOK if they don't love Jesus-they don't even care about dating but I agree, it is NEVER too soon.


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