Monday, July 12

the second lesson

There's many observations you could make while having garage sales such as the time you put into it compared to the money you get out it would give you an hourly wage of about a quarter an hour.  Instead let me share with you the struggle that I tend to have every time I have a garage sale as I sit in a quiet garage on the second day.....

Is it worth having a garage sale more than one day?  

Now perhaps it's just the area that I live in and isn't a consistent fact everywhere around the country, but the first day of the garage sale is BUSY.  There are not only a LOT of people stopping, but they are going through the merchandise thoroughly.  But the second day (which was only a half day this year)?  Few cars and the people walk in and out.  It makes me wonder why they've even stopped since they don't even take a moment to look at anything.

I pondered this again on Saturday as I sat sipping my coffee with a book in hand with quiet music in the background as everyone in my house still slept (hey, the dogs weren't barking at every car as they did the day before because there weren't any cars driving into our driveway!)  It seemed the only good answer I could come up with was that it really wasn't worth doing more than one day.

Until I got to the end of my morning when the signs came down and my answer changed.

For a few people didn't walk in and out and leave.  They stopped to chat and bought things that I've been trying to get rid of for a few years. A grade school teacher wanted all my old flowerpots as she was trimming up her spider plants and wanted to plant the overflow of baby spider plants for her students and needed many flowerpots to do that project.  Or the older woman who took all those old golf clubs that my sons had accumulated through the years as she enjoys making yard art sculpture with them having survived a brain tumor and can only find expensive golf club sets at the typical yard sale.  Or the older gentleman who was looking for an electric typewriter as his old printer died and he could no longer buy a new one since his computer was very old so he thought he'd go back to doing his writing with a typewriter (mental note....part with one of my old electric typewriters next year if one of them is worth selling). Or the woman who took our phone number because her son may be interested in our old woodburner for his big garage?Or the younger mom who came at the end and bought the entertainment center that I was dreading having to move out of the garage and to somewhere?  

Or what about the book I pulled off my bookcase when I went through my books looking for some to sell - only found one - but found this older book I always wanted to read, began to read it, found it was consistent with everything else I've been reading lately, and am thankful that the Lord provided plenty of quiet time to get into the heart of the book?

It seemed the Lord was teaching me another lesson in patience.  To slow life down.  To stop and smell the roses and take time with people.  To fill quiet moments with good things so that He can speak to me.  To see the blessings that come with waiting for His perfect timing.

Perhaps keeping a second day for my garage sales is a good idea after all!

May you be open to the lessons that the Lord wants to teach you in unusual ways! 

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LaughingLady said...

Oh Tammy, you have such a pliable, teachable heart! I would've just been resentful and annoyed!! I so need to learn to slow down and listen for God's "still, small voice" in times like those.

This is a wonderful reminder. Thank you.

mom said...

Well, I can say that I started the morning feeling a bit annoyed that I would be wasting my morning sitting in the garage when there were SOOO many other things I should be doing! Instead I get do work on all those things TODAY with a little lesson from the Lord in between :-)

Tammy ~@~

Your Son said...

I just read Mindy Belz's article on this, from a World over a month old (I know, I'm behind)...

Did you read it? So good for our fast-paced, consumerist lives.

mom said...

Okay, I smiled when I finally got around to looking up your link, then found the issue it was in sitting on the kitchen counter. And I smiled again when I realized I had read the first few paragraphs and apparently got distracted - imagine that! - and never finished reading it! Hmmm, must be part of the national trend she spoke about, eh? And I too, at times, could conclude the same as she did...I am weary, O God, and too stupid to be a man, er, woman!

Thanks for stopping by, my son :-)

Love you!

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