Friday, July 16

stop screamin'


I'm not a screamer by nature, except perhaps on a roller coaster ride which makes it absolutely fun and delightful to scream as loud as I can.  But I've been screaming on occasion the last couple of weeks and I believe it's for a valid reason although the menfolk seem to think differently.  

And it happened again this morning.

I screamed.  Loudly.  My girls didn't even want to come out of their bedroom when their names were part of the scream.  But they eventually came out when I didn't stop screaming.  The reason?

A small simple mouse scurrying around in my kitchen.  

The fourth one IN our house plus the one found OUT on the porch.

We've never had mice issues.  Ever.  In over thirty years in this house.  Occasionally the cats would catch a small mole, but never mice.

I still don't know if it's part of a catch-and-release program our cat has going on this summer or if they are coming into our house another way.  There's been one in the living room which I gradually managed to divert its path out the door;  one in our kitchen which unfortunately managed to scoot through a hole in the base of our cabinets and which I hope pray finds its way out and doesn't die under there; one found in our master bedroom's bathroom's bathtub which my husband took care of for me; and the one this morning which was running around on the kitchen floor and which I managed to divert out the door despite his, um, injuries as part of the diversion. 

And I'd love to post a picture for you of these little trespassers, but, of course, I'm too busy screaming to even take a picture.

I really don't want to scream and I know I need to stop because my girls are going to learn to scream about mice because I'm doing it.  


In the midst of this I'm struggling with the whole "what would Jesus do" and wondering how I apply that to even silly situations such as MICE!

I'm just praying that crumbs found in MY house isn't God's plan for providing food for these critters and He'll give me strength to stop screaming while I figure out what to do next.....

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Kathy W. said...

first if possible, figure out where they are getting in. They can get in through holes about the size of a dime. Close them up.
Second: our exterminator has some bait stuff that is put in black plastic boxes (so other animals and kids can't get into) that they eat, it makes them thirsty, they leave to find their water source...and die somewhere else. I think they sell similar stuff at the grocery store in prebaited black plastic boxes.
Kathy W. who has the pest guy coming today for his quarterly checkup. Did I mention mice also bring fleas? And you really don't want to deal with a flea infestation...

mom said...

Ohhhh, please don't say the word FLEAS! Yikes!

We've dealt with mice up at our cabin, so I have an idea of what we need to do. I'm still not certain that "they" are coming into our house unassisted but perhaps from the cat as he doesn't like to actually kill the things he catches but prefers to play with them.

So far I haven't seen anymore....

Thanks, Kathy!

Tammy ~@~

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