Saturday, July 24

tracking backwards

Life is interesting at times, isn't it, and rarely able to be figured out.

Consider the fact that my night flashes have eased a bit at the moment and I could finally get some solid sleep for a change.

Did you notice the word "could"?

Instead of being woken up with a body on fire, almost nightly I'm woken up by a small whispering voice next to my bed which always begins with the same word..."Mommmmmmm."

After that single word comes a long drawn out explanation of why that little whispering voice is next to my bed.  How she has been awake since such and such a time or she keeps having the same dream or her nose is sniffly or she has to go to the bathroom or that the cat jumped on her bed or she keeps thinking about riding a horse or you name it, she's shared it with me and it usually takes fifteen minutes to explain.  At the end of the fifteen minutes, I usually tell her to go and get her pillow and Fuzzababy and Fluffa and Candy Bop and Sweetie Pie and Pinkie and crawl into the middle of the bed to sleep by mom and dad.  After some restless wiggling, she finally settles and goes back to sleep.   And I always hope *I* will go back to sleep!

I'm not sure what this is all about as she's seven years old and has been sleeping just fine for a long time.  I've been more carefully monitoring or completely cutting out things  throughout her day which are visually stimulating such as movies or computer time and that has helped somewhat plus I'm watching what she's eating or drinking which could affect her sleep.  But sometimes the things that are waking her up are coming from conversations from the day and it's hard to limit those around here.

You know, it's always something with parenting.  If it isn't one child it's the other or the other (multiple by three in my household).  How thankful I am to be able to lift one or the other or the other (multiple by three once again) up to my Heavenly Father to help me with this journey because He knows them best and whispers some wonderful insights into my ears as I seek His wisdom.  My hope is that through prayer we will begin tracking forward again with this little sidetracking backwards adventure and a wink of sleep will be mine!

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Karen said...

Perhaps as you struggle to live without sleep for a season, you can take a moment to see the blessing in these days as well.

Last fall I was lamenting over how old the boy was getting and how I missed my "baby." About that time, he was "gifted" with the swine flu and we sat in the doctors office with his 6'2" self leaning on me, wrapped in a blanket, clearly needing some comfort. While I wouldn't want him sick for anything, I did appreciate the fact that he needed me in a way that he hadn't in a long time and might never again. (and I tried to remember that feeling over the next few days of no sleep and "mom" this and "mom" that.)

Praying she'll sleep through the night again soon and that you are able the cherish the little girl for a little while longer.

mom said...

Thanks for sharing, Karen! Yes, it is indeed a blessing! Perhaps the concern is more that I'm beginning to see that the youngest of the family is falling into the typical pattern found in the baby of the family *wink*

Tammy ~@~

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