Friday, July 9

two fewer

(WHOOPS!  I'm not sure what I did wrong, but this was suppose to post first thing this morning....and I just found out it didn't!  Guess it all still applies though....) 

After a couple days of serious pondering, it's time for some lighter thoughts.  
Since I'll be very busy today and tomorrow with my garage sale - and I'm praying everything will sell!  wouldn't that be awesome! - I'll instead share a recent tug at the heart moment.
Over the weekend my littlest busily wiggled her two front teeth and when one of them became loose enough out it came with the next one following a couple days later.  Not a hint of fear or need of assistance for this little girl as she couldn't wait to say bye bye to those teeth.  

I'm trying hard not to feel sad about this moment.  I love those little teeth and now that they are gone, well, you know, those big front teeth will come in and she will no longer look like a little girl.  My kids are all growing up and it happens so quickly....

Don't blink!

Enjoy your day and how about making someone's day by buying several things at their garage sale? ;-)

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