Saturday, August 14

be a winner

"It's not true that nice guys finish last.  Nice guys are winners before the game even starts." ~ Addison Walker

What a true statement! It was displayed this morning at my daughter's soccer game when our eight team members were standing on the sidelines ready to start the game.  One problem though.  The other team only had four players which was below the five players needed to play the game.  So I gathered my team together and asked if a couple of them would be willing to be players on the other team to help them out for this game.  All their hands went up!  Wow!  Their overwhelming response warmed my little heart!  Talk about displaying true sportsmanship which made each one of those little players a winner on my list.  

Isn't it much the same with the game of life?  Those who follow Jesus Christ as their Savior may not always finish first by worldly standards, but they are winners every time they serve and love someone else who is in need of their help no matter what the sacrifice.  And why not?  Their victory is already set in eternity, so they can run the race with perseverance raising their hands when the Lord calls for their help wherever it may be needed in this world that is so lost and without hope.

How about a "Yes, Lord!  I'll do it!".....He's waiting on you!

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