Tuesday, August 24

blooming through reading

On Saturday afternoon, we traveled to take a son to college.  Once we arrived, we got him checked in, unloaded all his things which were really quite minimal since he is an unpack rat, and took him out for a bite of supper.  Since we had fiddle faddled around about travel plans not knowing what our schedules were going to be until right before we took him, all lodging in the area was booked to overflowing.  So, in the fading light of day after we said our good-byes and watched him walk to his dorm, we hopped into the van to head towards home.  But not all the way home as we stopped at our cabin in the woods for the night.  

Waking up to a quiet beautiful morning, I grabbed my devotional books and settled in at the picnic table.  There was a family of otters splish splashing in the bay and enjoying the morning while I read through some Psalms, then turned to the book of Isaiah.  Looking up again, my littlest was walking toward me with her book.
If you recognize this book, I'm guessing you are in the 40 - 50 year old range since this was a common book found in grade schools when we were growing up.  I found it at a used book sale for TEN CENTS!  What a find!  How fun to watch my littlest reading On Cherry Street now.

But she was stuck.  She didn't really want to read the last section of the book entitled Just for Fun because it looked like it was all about talking animals and she was afraid she'd dream about them at night (yes, we're still having some sleep issues from time to time).  So I told her she could read the stories out loud to me and we'd talk about them if she wanted.  She decided to try it on her own instead and I kind of glanced at the pages as she read.  Of course, I couldn't stop myself from commenting as she went on to the little story entitled, "Gardens by the Brook."
There they were....all the animals planting crops in the garden.  Well, except for Mrs. Bear in the pretty pink dress.  She was busy planting alright, but not a crop.  Nope, she stated it would be something better than that. 
And indeed it was!  She grew a flower garden with flowers of all colors!  YAY for Mrs. Bear!  Of course, the other animals reminded her that she couldn't eat flowers, but she was a wise Mrs. Bear for she knew that the growing flowers brought bees who made honey for her to eat at harvest time when her animal friends were eating their garden bounty.

So, for those who know me, you know why I'm smiling.  Oh sure, I do adore Mrs. Bear's pink dress quite a bit, but I love the fact that she planted FLOWERS in her garden!  Of course, she's much wiser than me since I don't plant flowers for honey, but for the pure enjoyment from seeing them every time I walk into my garden.  

But it did make me wonder.  Was there a subliminal message planted back in my mind way back in grade school?  That it's okay to plant flowers in a vegetable garden?  That if you are a Mrs. the color pink is a good color to wear?  I guess we'll find out someday if that subliminal message thing works if my littlest someday wears pink after she gets married and plants flowers in her vegetable garden!

Guess it's a good reminder to all mothers who have reading children.  You never know what they'll pick up from the stories they read!

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Kimmie said...

How are you doing since dropping off your son?

The book looks sweet. I love old books, the illustrations are so wonderful.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

mom said...

We're going through that adjustment stage with all its bumps, but soon things should begin to settle. Thanks for asking, Kimmie :-)

Tammy ~@~

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