Tuesday, August 3

a daughter's beauty

A Wish for my Growing Daughter

True beauty comes from within, and although you are lovely on the outside, may you be more concerned with developing inward qualities. *To have beautiful eyes, look for the good in every situation. *To have lovely lips, speak words of kindness and exhortation. *To have delicate hands, reach out to help those in need. *To have graceful feet, walk in harmony with your fellow man. *To be eternally young, laugh at your mistakes and retain the exuberance of childhood. *To live life to the fullest, may your heart overflow with love.    ~Mona Dunkin

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Laura said...

I know it's a quote (good quote!), but you should totally change the feet portion to bringing the good news because of Romans 10:15. I can't help myself, whenever I hear things about feet, I think of that passage! :)

I hope you shared this with your daughter! I would have LOVED for my mother to say things like that when I was young!

mom said...

SOOO true, Laura!

I had found this on a book marker in an used book and thought it was so sweetly written. But after typing it this morning, I thought how awesome it would be to re-write it from a Christian perspective....

Now YOU have me thinking some more! We'll see what comes from that :-)

Have a great day!


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