Monday, August 16

down to four

Welcome to my entry for the Heart of the Matter Online Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop and this week's theme....student pictures!  Feel free to participate in this fun Blog Hop by clicking on the links!

After having five students in our homeschool off and on for several years, we are heading into a new season of losing students and no longer gaining new students.  At the end of this week, our oldest at home will be packing up and leaving to move into a college dorm a few hours away. 
That will leave us with four students when we officially begin our new school year in a couple of weeks.  Still quite a range of ages as we'll have students in grades two, six, nine, and eleven....yet I'm looking forward to a school year where every student is finally at the point of READING well!  Yay!

If you are a homeschooling family and want to share pictures of your students as they are busy learning, be sure to join us in the Blog Hop!

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val said...

Hi Tammy, I wish I had known about homeschooling when my boys were young. I have only just discovered that here in UK education is compulsory, but school is not - however they are bringing in major restrictions with far reaching implications - especially with regard to morals and religion. How blessed you are in your country that it has been an accepted part of your life style - presumably from the days of the pioneers.
May God bless you in your new school year.
Val .... Oxfordshire UK

Kimmie said...


Enjoy your year and your 4. Time sure does fly.

mom said...

Thanks, Val! I hope that our country will continue to allow homeschooling and the freedoms that go with it to educate our children with Christian principles.

Time does fly, Kimmie! You must be schooling more than four these days, eh?

Tammy ~@~

Catherine Anne said...

This photograph really tells a story! Wonderful post to a blessed year~

Tammy said...

Wow, we're close. I will be teaching grades 2, 6, 8, and 11 (although the 11th grader will be taking all classes through out homeschool co-ops). My oldest will be a senior at the local high school. I'm really starting to feel the pull in different directions... very strange feeling.

mom said...

Thanks, Catherine Anne! I do like this picture :-) I was amazed that my boys would even do this for me as they usually avoid the camera at all costs!

Wow, we do have kids close in age! It does make homeschooling interesting when you are working with a wide range of ages...good way to stretch our brains, eh? ;-)

Tammy ~@~

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