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Welcome to my entry for the Heart of the Matter Online Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop and this week's theme....a day-in-the-life!  It's an opportunity to share what YOUR homeschool day looks like.  Feel free to participate in this fun Blog Hop by clicking on the links!

Our homeschool days have always had a basic framework through the years which flows with our life around here.  The kids have grown to know the routine which keeps things running fairly smoothly.

As a mom who is an early riser,  I like to be up and getting myself ready for the day while my children are still nestled in their beds enjoying sweet dreams.  A devotional time, some exercise, and a quick shower begin my day.  Once I'm ready to go, then it's time to make sure all the students are awake and moving in the right direction as they get dressed and eat some breakfast.
Our school day always begins around the kitchen table around 8:30 AM when we do our devotional time.  We read a devotional book, then I'll read a chapter in the Old Testament and each day a different child reads a chapter of the New Testament.  We close this time with prayer committing our day to the Lord and each student goes off to their place of schooling.

This year we have two high schoolers who will work independently in their rooms as they are using a DVD program for their coursework.  They'll emerge again when they get hungry for lunch. The two grade schoolers will be doing their seatwork at the kitchen table as our school cabinet is in the dining room area.  I'm looking forward to this time being a little easier as we begin a new school year as my littlest has become an avid reader and I won't need to sit continually by her side all morning, but should be able to bounce back and forth between the two of them. 

Most often we're all hungry around 11:30 AM and will break for lunch and free time until around 1:00 PM.  It gives the kids time to get outside for some fresh air and allows me some time to take care of household stuff as well as eating my lunch and catching up on emails, etc.

Since our mornings are our primary seatwork schooling time, the afternoons vary.  The high schoolers typically still have some work to do, but it can be a more open time for the grader schoolers.  I would like to schedule in some art, music, or "girl things" (like cooking, baking, sewing, handcrafts, hobbies, etc) in our afternoons this school year.  Our formal schooling is easily done by 3:00 PM except on Fridays when I work on correcting all the high schoolers work for the week at the end of their day.

Our school schedule is quite simple, looks traditional, and has worked well for our family for years.  We tweak it when life happens that requires some flexibility.  I think back to years ago when the bulk of our schooling was done in the afternoons since that was when the little ones were napping and the house was finally quieter with fewer distractions for mom and older kids.  

Arrange individual schedules for each student, too.  Sometimes kids like to get their hardest subject done first making the rest of the day go smoother.  Some kids like to save their hardest subjects for last, but trust me, I don't recommend that approach or you can be still be doing school at bedtime!

If your school day is being affected by some outside factors (moving, sickness, travel, bad weather, etc) which are throwing your days off, hit a bit of the three R essentials - Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic - and know that even during these times your children are learning about life in ways that books will never teach.

Realize that your homeschool day will reflect your individuality as a family. Find what works best for you and go with it. And always always ALWAYS cover your day with prayer!

If you are a homeschooling family and want to share about your homeschooling day, stop over at the Hop!

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