Tuesday, August 17

the M cat

Our cat went in for a rabies vaccination this morning.  It seemed to be an ordinary appointment until the vet put his hand under the cat's chin and said, "See the 'M' on his forehead between his eyes?  He's a Maine Coon."
We've always thought he was just a big long-haired cat who enjoyed his cat chow, but Scooter's family line actually comes from one of the oldest natural breeds of cats found in North America. It was quite fun to read the article on Wikipedia about the Maine Coon as it described our cat quite perfectly....soft flowing coat, fascination with water, large body structure, big paws, playful, gentle, relaxed around dogs, and known for their intelligence (one of my sons always says that Scooter is the smartest cat he's ever seen and is quite certain this cat has super powers).

I suppose we'll now have to treat him like royalty around here since he's an official breed of a cat instead of just a plain old cat as we've thought for the last few years.  I knew there was a reason I thought he should be named Prince.....

May he live out his nine lives well!

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keri said...

How crazy is that?!? What a cool thing to discover... :)

Not Loving Scooter said...

No way. That cat is a Maine Loon maybe? He's so lazy and disrespectful.

Diane said...

My sister just paid a crazy amount of money for a purebred Maine Coon. Maybe you could get into the cat breeding business and make your fortune! ;)

mom said...

Oh my! It appears a disgruntled older family member has appeared to comment about the cat everyone at home LOVES! Lazy? He earns his keep every day by providing food for the grill. Disrespectful? He always waits until we are done brushing our teeth before he plays in the water. See? He's a prince!

Well, it's, um, too late to consider cat breeding for this guy. I'm not sure who his father was and I think he possibly gets the Maine Coon from his mother? Did your sister get a kitten or an older cat, Diane?

Tammy ~@~

Mrs. M @ TLC said...

Ohh, he's adorable!!
We are thinking of getting another kitten. Hope we can find a special kind like Prince.

ChiGirl said...

@@@@ I should've known...Royalty. And that's all I'll say. :-P

BTW--Tozer has the "M" on his forehead, too. It's stands for "mackeral" because that's the kind of tabby he is. I've now started calling him "Holy Mackeral!" LOL

Oh and RITFLOLPMP over "Maine Loon"!! Good one Not Loving Scooter!!

mom said...

Tozie has an 'M', too? Maybe he's part Maine Coon? Or would that be Maine Loon? LOL!

Love you,
Mom :-)

mom said...

And it is the season for kittens, so I hope you can find one that fits into your family!

Tammy ~@~

Laura said...

Hello from Maine!
Yep...he's definitely one of "ours"...lucky you..."coons" are even prized here in their home state. And...they are NEVER lazy! Just misunderstood...

mom said...

Ah ha! Scooter has officially been authenticated by someone from Maine! I don't think of him as a lazy cat as he does keep busy around here with his ins and outs all day. It's those who don't live here anymore and didn't do the kitten bonding with him that seem to misunderstand him the most...just sayin', Mister you know who you are! LOL!

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