Friday, August 20

a mom's GPS

It's typically one of those mom moments when YOU know better but your child is quite certain they know best.  Sometimes you stand your ground and sometimes you give them a bit of leeway.

Yesterday was one of those leeway moments that I regretted as soon as we started driving.  A daughter was going to a friend's house to hang out for the day and since we had never been there before I asked her to first call her friend for directions.  She gave me one of those "Awwww, Mom" looks and she instead suggested that we look up her friend's address in the phone book and then google it. I countered with the suggestion that I just give her friend's mom a quick call to get directions and got the second "Awwwww, Mom" look.

Okay, okay.  Leeway.  Google made it look easy.  I knew the road and it looked like it would be the first house on the left.

Now, before you begin wondering why this direction stuff would be such a big deal, let's just say that we don't live in the city with nice blocks to travel.  We live in the woods with rural roads which often fork off or twist and turn with options of branching driveways.  And I have NOT found Google to be very accurate in these situations.

Did I mention that feeling of regret when we got into the car and started driving?

So off we went easily finding the road we needed and once turning assumed the house would be right there on the left.  Hmmm, not the right house number.  In fact, as we went down the road none of the house numbers on the left were what we needed and verified that with family name signs hanging by the driveway.  Finally pulling into one of these driveways, I unusually had my cell phone still in my purse from the day before (I'm NOT a cell phone user at all except when I travel), so she was able to call her friend hoping she remembered the phone number correctly.  (Did you hear me catch my breath on that one?)  Her friend answered and said that she lived on the RIGHT side of the road, so we went back to the beginning of the road only to discover it wasn't the first house on the right since it wasn't the right house number and went up to the next driveway which didn't have a house number by the road.  Yet through the woods we could kind of see her sister out in the driveway.  Whew!  Finally found it!

That little bit of leeway cost us some frustration, too much valuable time, and hopefully a lesson learned that sometimes, yes sometimes Mom can be right. 

We can so easily be pulled here or there to accommodate others, but often we need to stand firm on the wonderful gift God gave us  - INTUITION - and what it is telling us about a situation. Truly, the gift of intuition that mothers have could easily be compared to a GPS.....only much better!

Be sure to use it frequently in your garden and avoid getting lost!

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