Wednesday, August 11

play it again

Yesterday afternoon our family traveled to attend an evening game for a major league baseball team.  We like to do this two or three times a summer, if possible, having developed the habit with raising a handful of sons who have loved baseball through the years.  
This can be an expensive venture so we've often settled for seats in the rafters needing binoculars!  This year, however, some gas stations throughout the state offered free tickets with six (or was it eight?) fill-ups at their particular gas stations.  When my husband called in to reserve seats with our free tickets, he found the dates we were interested in already filled.  Not to disappoint possible game attenders, they did offer a special deal of $16-a-seat tickets in a typically much higher priced section.  My husband couldn't resist and we were definitely not disappointed as we ended up only 14 rows up near the third base line which gave us plenty of fly balls and the opportunity for my younger ones to get a tossed ball in-between innings while players warmed up.  Truly, there's nothing like a close scoring baseball game on a hot summer night!  What fun!

But if you'd ask my youngest what the favorite part of our baseball adventure was for her, it would have absolutely nothing to do with baseball.  Nope!  Not even the pre-game grilling tailgating meal with family would rank high.  Nope!  The best part was getting a belated birthday present of something which she really really really REALLY wanted but which no one could find for her...until my daughter-in-law stumbled upon it at a garage sale and immediately bought it for a purchase price of much less than a dollar and was finally able to give to her when we met in the parking lot before the game.

Bet you can't guess what it is!

Give up?

Here's a picture.....

A play saxophone!

Here's to sweet notes playing in your garden as God blesses your life with the desires of your heart!

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val said...

Hi Tammy,
I so enjoyed reading your blog tonight, one of my most favourite movies is The Rookie with Denis Quade. So although as a Brit I have no real experience of being at such a big game, I felt to be part of your day just because of my movie.
But that saxophone is for REAL!
May God bless your family richly.

mom said...

Being at a major league baseball game is heavenly for someone who is a people watcher like me :-) Such a fun atmosphere!

Tammy ~@~

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