Friday, August 27

shifting from there to here

It's been a week of working through a time of transition.  Just as it takes some time to adjust when you bring a new baby home from hospital, there is also a time to adjust when that baby has grown into an adult and leaves home.

The house becomes quieter.  The meal making becomes smaller.  The laundry becomes a less often task.  The chores become passed on or shifted.  The bedrooms become switched for someone else.  The activity level lessens.  

All of that plays out in interesting ways.  Our littlest kept wondering where her older brother was whenever the guys came home from work or it was supper time and would smile with a "oh yaaaaaaa" each time we reminded her that her brother had gone to college.  The other night I threw my hands up in the air when a couple of the kids were on a youth outing and I had to prepare supper for four.  How do you cook for four?  We did frozen pizza.  My daughter has been waiting for a favorite pair of shorts to come through the laundry, but I still don't have a full load of laundry in that color.  Combine colors?  Unheard of here!  What about the nights that he was scheduled for kitchen duty this month? No one is ready to switch that chore until the calendar flips to September and I wonder if the littlest able to be added to that full duty yet?  Three bedrooms have been in disorganization all week as we've been painting, carpet cleaning, and sorting through boxes of items that it seems everyone has outgrown and which have been  put into the kitchen for mom to sort through. What to do with those awesome wooden tops that were spun on the downstairs concrete floor with a string wound by one of five brothers?  No longer hearing the old car zoom out the driveway in the early morning as a son met up with his disciple group or hearing it zoom in the driveway after a late evening movie with friends.  Instead there's the sound of discussion about that car with a newly licensed driver who has to earn the privilege that an older brother got as he grew in responsibility.  Patiently answering questions over the phone as a son figures out life away from home and realizing I have to figure out life once again at home. 

Changes.  Transitions.  Adjustments.  Not always easy for a mom who prefers a steady rhythm and flow to her days.  And yet....and yet, how often is life really like that when raising a family?  You'd think I'd learn after thirty years....

Perhaps it's time to wander out to my garden for a spell.  My garden which seems like a badly neglected friend that has been cast aside through the busyness of life this summer.  Yes, it's definitely time to pay a lingering visit to my quiet listening dear friend of a garden who always provides me with time to visit with my quiet listening dear Heavenly Father as I ponder this time of transition.

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keri said...

Good post... no picture though... sad.... ;)

Kimmie said...

sending a hug.


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