Thursday, August 19

exchanging whoops for woo hoos

"We little dream, sometimes, what a hasty word, a thoughtless speech, an imprudent act, or a confession of unbelief and fear may do to hinder our highest usefulness, or turn it aside from some great opportunity which God has been preparing for us..........God wants fit instruments for His power--wills surrendered, hearts trusting, lives consistent, and lips obedient to His will;  and then He can use the weakest weapons, and make them mighty through God." ~A.B.Simpson

Whoops!  Another blunder.  Another "open mouth, insert foot" moment. Another impulsive response.  Another bit of panic.  Another instant of laziness. Another reminder of how we'll never measure up and be useful for God's purposes.

Whoops!  Another example of how easy it is to believe the lies of the enemy and allow a wall to go up between us and God.

Not a single one of us will ever be useful to God if we allow our imperfections to keep a wall between us and God.

Not a single one of us will ever be perfect while living on this earth, so there's absolutely no sense in waiting until we have our acts all together before we can come before God and say, "Use me!" because we'll never have our acts all together. 

What God is looking for are those who will humbly fall before him when they blunder or fear or do plain old stupid things.  He is looking for those who will surrender all their weaknesses and sins before Him by laying them at the foot of the cross with a longing in their heart to completely trust Him to be their Savior, their strength, their song.

"For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him." ~ Second Chronicles 16:9

And there's no time like right now to do it, so just do it!  He'll help you!  Allow God to take those whoops of life and make them woo hoos for God!

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Dot O said...

If whoops help us on our journey, I should sail through at the speed of sound! I have so many "whoops" right now, in fact I am currently sort of experiencing one right this moment.

I wish God would just come to me in a dream or something just to show me the path more clearly....

I've missed blogging and visiting my blogging friends. How are you Tammy?

ChiGirl said...

Thank you. I needed that.

mom said...

It's very good to see you, Dot! Yes, there are those whoops moments where it would be nice if God would leave us a note on the kitchen table so we'd know the next step, eh?

I'm fine and life is keeping me very busy right now, so I feel behind, too, in keeping up with my blogging friends.

Tammy ~@~

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