Friday, August 13

sudden storms

Woke up to light rain which was the forerunner to an unexpected good old fashioned lightning and thunderstorm.  The lightning brightened our bedroom as the thunder shook the house.  I smiled with a "YES!" knowing that lightning does a wonderful job of combining the oxygen and nitrogen in the air into a glorious form which rains down and fertilizes plants.  

Quickly I jumped up between the rumbles to do a quick email check as I do every morning to see if there's any word from a faraway son and was instead greeted by an urgent prayer request for a friend who has received devastating news.  A sudden unexpected storm has shook her life like no other could do.  I did not smile this time and instead felt my own rain wash down my face as my heart ached for her.

Beyond human understanding and all our thousands of "whys?" there is only prayer knowing and trusting God to be there for her and her family.  This storm raining down in her life will bring forth growth that will allow her to minister to others in a way no one else could.  Someday.  All in God's timing.  

Until then and in the days ahead, I will pray..... 

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LaughingLady said...

Have you ever heard of Rachel Barkey? She had an incredible grasp on the "why's" of the storms of life. I would encourage you to give her testimony a listen ~ you can find the video here or the 2-part audio and transcript Revive Our Hearts series starting here.

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