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Heart of the Matter Online is hosting a special weekly event through August called the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop  (the button is on my sidebar).  It's a great way for homeschoolers to get excited about the upcoming school year and check out what everyone else is doing as well as finding good resources for their schooling. 

This week's theme is about curriculum....what you like, what you don't like, what you're looking for, what you're using, etc.

Last year when I participated in this event, I shared about a handwriting favorite curriculum we have always used.  This year I'd love to share about the mainstay of our traditional style Christian curriculum - A Beka Book materials - and how they've allowed my high schoolers to do well. 

Although we've used A Beka Book materials from the beginning, we've always used them in a parent directed style to allow us the needed flexibility with our large family.  Using the progressive structure these materials are based on has been important, but I've also liked the option of using the materials in the ways that worked best with each student. 

Then we hit high school with our oldest.


It wasn't the fact that it was high school that made us stop in our tracks as we had gradually progressed to that point in his education and felt comfortable with the next step.  It was the fact that at the time he had five younger siblings who needed more concentrated attention with their schooling.  It was hard to find the quiet time to sit down and clear my head to help him figure out an advanced algebra problem or a chemistry equation.  So we struggled through it with mom trying her best as the high school years passed and more siblings entered that stage. 

The time came when something had to change and we decided to make the financial jump in our homeschooling to go with A Beka Academy's DVD high school program.  Their high school packages include all student texts, quizzes and tests, and the daily lesson manual (170 lessons per year) as well as the teacher text, quiz and test keys, and record keeping sheets which helps make the transcript process much easier.   All of the student and teacher items come with the DVDs that the student watches on the daily schedule which we've allowed them to set up.  Again, we stayed with the parent directed plan rather than their accredited plan because we wanted to still have some educational flexibility.  Most of the student's work is independently geared with mom giving various quizzes throughout the week and checking their completed week of course work on Friday.

If you are leaning toward a traditional Christian curriculum which is very thorough and progressive in nature, please take a moment to check out what A Beka Academy has to offer.  We will begin our eighth year of using the high school DVD curriculum this fall and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have if you'd like to email me at

Enjoy your hopping this week!

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Anonymous said...

Tammy, you look awesome and I'm sure you will have an awesome year as well. (hugs)

AmyF said...

Thank you for Sharing. We are starting Highschool with one of kids also. Nice to have so many options.

Jack J Ward said...

As an English Teacher of High School myself, I'm very excited when parents take an active part of their kid's education, and interested to see how they get involved in the elements of home schooling.
Good luck and congrats. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

mom said...

Thanks, Kysha! It's good to see you! :-)

There are a lot of options out there, Amy, which is nice because it allows you to find what will work best with your own family!

Thanks for stopping by, Jack. Perhaps I should send all my high schoolers essays to you when my kids think I'm being too harsh on the grading ;-)

Tammy ~@~

Jessica S. said...

Awesome! We are not quite yet in high school (my oldest is 7th grade), but yes A Beka is awesome! Very detailed curriculum! Happy Homeschooling!!! ;)

Daddy's Chick's said...

We are on the edge of tip toeing into the High School years, my oldest is in 7th grade. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Praying a blessed school year for you and your family.

Sheri said...

That is super that you found something that works so nicely for your family. I hate to see folks jump ship cuz their kids are in HS and lose the op to spend that precious time with their teens. Have a great year ahead!

Robin E. said...

I appreciate how your blog hop posts, both this year and last, have focused on a single curricular aspect. I enjoy the detail you give to it. Thank you for sharing.

Angela said...

I have a friend that uses Abeka DVD series and she LOVES it too, her children are very smart! I know some of that is God's gifts to them but Abeka deserves some of the credit, LOL

Thanks for sharing the verse today, I too look at my summer to do list and get disappointed at the things not scratched off. Hubby has an interview tomorrow morning, Please remember us in prayer, it is at 10am. Over 400 people applied for the job and they have narrowed it to 7, still not great odds but if the Lord wants us to have the job, nothing can stop us! And if HE doesn't, we continue to Trust when we cannot see!


mom said...

Yes, A Beka is a detailed curriculum which can be overwhelming at times which is why we adjust it as necessary for our needs. I think that high school curriculum can look scary, but is simply the next step of what you've already been doing and can be an easy transition. If you've been homeschooling all along, the teen years can be the frosting on the cake! I'm a details kind of person, Robin, so thank you!

Angela, I'm praying! Let me know how it goes! God's odds are always the best :-)

Tammy ~@~

Moonbeam said...

Thanks for sharing another great resource for homeschooling high school. It's great to get a first hand account of a program that works.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

Hello from the blog hop. I've heard so many good things about A Beka. I hope you have a wonderful school year!

Stephanie said...

I hope your highschooler enjoys the DVD program. I have a teen too, and I am definitely looking for more outside help.

Mommy Reg said...

Popping in from the blog hop. We love a Beka and use it as a supplement and tool in our homeschool. To work with my kids learning needs. Thank yo for posting about the high school aspect of it. I am starting to think about high school as my oldest starts 6th grade this year. It sounds like a great approach to take.

mom said...

There are a lot of different options available for high schoolers. This one work has worked best for our family so far, but this will be the first year a daughter starts using the DVDS. It'll be interesting to see how she likes it or if we'll have to consider something else for the girls.

Tammy ~@~

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