Thursday, September 30

closing out September

The last day of September.  Can I say I'm relieved and glad to say farewell to this month?  I always thought December was the most stressful month of the year, but I have found over the years that September ranks right up there with it for several reasons.

*The transition from a lack of schedule summer to a scheduled fall.

*Back to homeschooling.

*The transition to fall weekly activities which means activities for someone in our family almost nightly.

*Continuing soccer twice a week in the midst of all the fall weekly activities.

*Garden clean-up which includes a lot of canning and rearranging the food pantry for all the dry garden goods that need to be stored.

*Flowerbed clean up.

*Clothing changeover.


*Retreats and workshops.

And then throw in a few additional things and my life often feels overwhelmed and maxed out as things get piled up around here and mistakes get made resulting in a mom close to being in a puddle of tears as a dad walks into the door at the end of his long work day.

Thankfully he is understanding in his own quirky humorous way.  And thankfully the Chris Tomlin CD is close at hand in the kitchen to blast away in praise music and get my focus back where it needs to be.  On God.  He is the great I AM, you know.  

Life is not about the list of September that overwhelms, but it is about God who walks through that list with me.  Step by step.  In His strength.  Only a whisper away.  And turning my eyes back to being ALIVE - always living in view of eternity....

See you in October!

Tammy ~@~

P.S.  Don't you love all those cute little pumpkins that came out of my garden?!  :-)

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