Wednesday, September 8

fall ahead

It's here.  My hopes were that it would wait until after the weekend so we'd have one last breath of summer to enjoy, but alas, the new season blew in with storms on Friday.
Suddenly the air was much cooler.  Fall-like.  Nippy. Chilled to the bone. The time of the year when the lake water is much warmer than the air.  So much so that the tenters decided to stay inside the cabin wherever there was a spot on the floor rather than contend with the near freezing temperatures outdoors. 

With the new season upon us, our family continues a time of transition.  My days of being distracted by summer tasks are over.  It's time to hunker down to fall routines.  To get focused in ways I haven't had to before.  Life is changing.  
I'm so glad that there was a marked entry into this new season.  An extra long weekend spent away with family.  Chilly days which nurtured cozy chats near a fire.  I'm not certain which kept me warmer?  The conversation or the fire?  Or perhaps knowing that God has a purpose for every new season in our life?  

Sooo, farewell to the summer and hello to the autumn!  I look forward to every step ahead as we follow Jesus into a new season!

Tammy ~@~


LaughingLady said...

Yeah, it's very definitely fall around here, too. Problem is, it kinda feels like we didn't even get summer this year! :(

But I'm glad that even though the weather was significantly less than perfect, we had fun and enjoyed the break from our routines. And I'm glad we're getting BACK to those routines now, too, although I don't know exactly what my routine will be like this year. I'm "home alone" this year for the first time, and I'm curious to see what God has in mind for this stay-at-home mom who has no kids at home for 8 hrs a day!

mom said...

It finally felt like we had a summer here for a change. But it started so early that I think we're even more ready to be back into a routine now.

Hmmm, I'm wondering, too, what the Lord may have for you to fill that time....

Tammy ~@~

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