Thursday, September 9

future fisherpeople

It's happened.  We've grown a future generation of little fisherpeople.  
They love to spend time with their fishing poles and nets with nary a complaint about having to wear a life jacket every time they head toward the water with a big person in tow.
It's fascinating watching how they know exactly what to do because they've grown up watching their parents or other family members go fishing since the time they could be carried out to the dock or taken a ride in one of Grandpa's old fishing boats.  

It makes me wonder if these little ones have watched our family's faith just as closely.  Will they also become great fishers of men someday?

"And he said to them, 'Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.'" ~Matthew 4:19

My prayer for my grands and their future generations is that they will come to know Jesus as their Savior and will wholeheartedly follow Him as they become expert fishers of men.  

Although future generations may seem WAY down the road for you, do include them in your prayers.  You never know what God may do with your faithful prayers for them and how it could impact the world!

Tammy ~@~


Dot O said...

Beautiful, Tammy - Having sent my daughter off to college for her freshman year, keeping her faith while away from home has been a concern. She called on Monday and was telling me how tired she was because she was "up till 3 on Saturday night and then got up for mass on Sunday".... I was secretly clapping inside.... We do so much to nurture the faith at home and then when they leave you just have to hope they don't stray, and if they do stray you hope it's only for a short while....

mom said...

A strong foundation of faith tends to stick as it is part of who they are! Hopefully she will connect with others on campus who will be encouragement along the way, Dot!

Tammy ~@~

ChiGirl said...

Mom!! What awesome pictures and post!! So SO true. Thanks for the reminder to teach them other forms of "fishing" too. Love you lots!!

mom said...

Hopefully the pictures were discreet enough for my eldest...

Love you lots, too!

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