Friday, September 17

in focus

Remember how I've had trouble threading needles and thought perhaps my sewing days were over?  Well, I stumbled upon the idea of using a magnifying glass to help with that task only to find it very awkward.  Just how do you hold onto the thread, the needle, and the magnifying glass in a way in which you can actually thread the needle?  Yup, that didn't work too well, yet it gave me a glimpse of a better idea.  How about using reading glasses that would be on my face allowing my hands to actually thread the needle?  Welcome to my new friend.....
I picked up a pair of reading glasses and found that they do work perfectly for threading needles when I'm doing some hand sewing or they work just as perfectly when threading and sewing on my sewing machine.  Everything looks so clear when using them for those purposes.  

But I've discovered a problem.  If someone calls my name and I look up to talk to them....WHOA....I experience almost instant nausea as everything becomes VERY out of focus.  I'm slowly mentally reminding myself to take them off before I look anywhere except at my sewing to prevent that from happening.

You know, I wish that very thing would happen in life.  If as you were walking along considering decisions and making choices, you turned to the right or the left of the way God wanted you to go for His purposes that you would instantly become nauseous and everything would become very out of focus?  That clarity would result ONLY when you were intent on His purposes and looking at what He had for your life?

It made me think of this verse from Isaiah 30:21 - "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way;  walk in it.'"

YES!  I want to hear the clear voice of the Lord in my life!

And I do believe that is possible as we stay intent on Him.  Reading God's Word, praying, praising, worshiping, fellowshipping, desiring a constant and direct connection with Him.

Abide in Him and stay in focus in your garden!

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