Tuesday, September 14

a love gift of beans

"Most persons after a step of faith are looking for sunny skies and unruffled seas, and when they met a storm and tempest they are filled with astonishment and perplexity.  But this is just what we must expect to meet if we have received anything of the Lord.  The best token of His presence is the adversary's defiance, and the more real our blessing, the more certainly it will be challenged." ~ A.B. Simpson

Having recently taken a big leap of faith, I knew there would be some defiance by the adversary in my pathway.  You tend to be hopeful that it will come in areas that will be easy to recognize where you are able to just as easily squash his attempts.  But of course, he is smarter than that and prefers to use his best methods to hit you where he'll hurt you the most - more than once - resulting in floods of tears.

Feeling quite alone, this verse came quickly to mind...."When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?" ~ Psalm 8:3-4

Who am I but this little tiny speck in the universe which is too big to even comprehend by my human mind?

Then He gave me a devotional one night that confirmed where I stood. 

Then He gave me a sermon on Sunday to solidify where I stood.

My heart was warming once again and my tears were drying as God revealed Himself to me.

And then it happened.

After a full morning of schooling, yesterday afternoon I headed out to my garden to start pulling out plants as my gardening season is beginning to come to a close.  The corn stalks got pulled and bundled for fall decorations allowing me to move to the next area....beans.  

My eyes glanced over the bean plants that held many old beans that had not been picked and were neglected by a gardener's life that had been too busy when they were in their prime picking.  As I started pulling out plants with a sigh, suddenly I noticed something.  There were several perfectly sized fresh beans growing on many of the plants!  They were crisp and perfect!  
As I continued through the plants I soon had a bowl full of beans that would be perfect for a meal!  

Now you may be thinking to yourself "oh, how nice" kind of thoughts, but my thoughts ran along the line of "oh, how SPECTACULAR!"  For you see, I LOVE fresh beans!  I mean, I really really LOVE them.  Freshly picked, simmered a bit, lathered with some butter and dill weed, lightly salted and sprinkled with pepper all piled up on my plate.  

My family knows I enjoy eating fresh beans, but my Heavenly Father knows how much I really really love fresh beans. So as I was picking each bean the picking daisy petals sing song went through my head.  You know the one.  He loves me, he loves me not.  Only I skipped part of it and with each bean came the thought HE loves me, He LOVES me, He loves ME!  I truly felt the Heavenly Father's perfect and abundant love for me as I no longer felt like a tiny speck in the way too big universe, but instead was reminded that I was a princess of the King who blessed me with a special gift of love which He had chosen just for me.  

Beans.  Yup.  LOVE in its most perfect form!

If you are going through a hard time right now, keep your eyes open for a  glimpse of our Heavenly Father's love for YOU.  It may come in very unexpected places!

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LaughingLady said...

YES! I totally get that!! It's how I feel about some sunrises ~ that they're there just for me! Or when I find a stray poppy among my corn stalks when everything else is dead in fall (and we haven't had poppies here since the first year we moved!). All wonderful, personalized gifts and love notes from God. LOVE it!!

mom said...

Yes! God speaks our unique love languages, doesn't He? He's so awesome!

Tammy ~@~

Kathy W. said...

I love fresh beans, too. I'm so glad you had that God hug today.

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