Thursday, September 16

options of the pumpkin kind

Every fall I look at those cute little pumpkins that you can buy for decorations, but cannot justify paying that much for those cute little things. So, this spring I thought about them once again while I was browsing through vegetable seed packets for this season's garden.  Then my practical side argued a bit with the extreme practical side of myself about wasting necessary garden space which could be more practically used for producing vegetables for my family especially since, um, you know, I was already planning a large space of impracticality making the flower pathway up to the sunflower house in the middle of the garden for my grands.  This led my practical side to convince my extreme practical side that there was a possible option.  
An option that did work quite well!  Plant those cute little pumpkins at the very end of the garden where they can climb the garden fence which will be a space saver AND which will provide me with those cute little pumpkin decorations.  Of course, I have to confess that those cute little pumpkins also had a plant or two who refused to follow my plan and traveled into the big pumpkin patch, but I'm extending grace to them since they are so cute.

And....I'm very thankful for a God who extends grace to me when I choose options that sometimes aren't so cute.

May you have some cute options growing in your garden!

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