Friday, September 24

point of reference

"Eternity is primary.  Heaven must become our first and ultimate point of reference.  We are built for it, redeemed for it, and on our way to it.  Success demands that we see and respond to now in the light of then.  All that we have, are, and accumulate must be seen as resources by which we can influence and impact the world beyond." ~ Joseph M. Stowell

We can so easily get caught up in this world and all it has to offer.  But as believers in Jesus Christ it's really about putting an eternal slant on everything we do.  Weeding out all those things that make no difference for eternity and planting those things in our life that will impact others for eternity.  

Put on your heavenly glasses as you walk through your garden today and take a good look at what should go and what should stay!   Live intentionally for eternity!

Tammy  ~@~


stephseef said...

i've been enjoying your joe stowell quotes - he's a great teacher. i've been with he and his wife Martie several times for conferences in different places, and I have to say that he's utterly charming. what a dear man - and what great truths!

mom said...

I've been challenged by his writings for a long time, Steph, and even met him once! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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