Saturday, September 18

a Saturday off

There's a community event happening on the sport fields today, so we have a break from our usual Saturday routine of soccer games.  YAY!
I plan on relaxing in the woods watching the beautiful fungi slowly grow.  Naw, not really, but aren't they pretty?!  The brilliant color caught my eye as I was walking along since they weren't the typical tan and browns.

I am looking forward to having a Saturday at home with no specific plans which means I can catch up on a few indoor things and hopefully get back out to the garden for more end of the gardening season clean up.

Any special plans in your garden for the weekend?

Tammy ~@~


LaughingLady said...

Well, if it's not too mucky, I might need to start pulling plants out as well.

You know, after your "bean post," I went out to the garden for something else and just half-heartedly looked at my beans. And guess what?! Most of the spindly, tiny plants that never got around to producing in summer actually have beans the perfect picking size right now! So I'm thinking I'll pick as many as I can today and we'll have a few meals with fresh green beans yet this week!!

mom said...

Tammi! How cool that God gave you a bean hug, too! I love it!

Tammy ~@~

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