Tuesday, September 28

seasonal growling

Yesterday morning as soon as it was light in the garden, I went out and pulled all the beets.  After rinsing them off, they were put on the stovetop to simmer for awhile allowing us some time to get our schooling going.  The rest of my morning was spent slipping beet skins off, cutting them into pieces, cooking the pickling liquid, and getting the canner going.  

Somehow in the mix of the morning, a discussion came up with the girls about clothes for the cold months coming up and how they couldn't find anything.  I concluded that there must be some boxes up in the garage attic and not in their closets because I KNOW there are warmer clothes somewhere.  One of the girls decided to look further and sure enough, three boxes of clothing came into the house from the garage.  The contents of those three boxes plus the rubbermaid containers from the closets became spread out through the kitchen and bedrooms. Yes, my least favorite seasonal task was happening before my eyes while I was attempting to do my canning and that least favorite seasonal task never got further than sorting into various piles by the time I went to bed last night.

Guess what I'm doing this morning?  Going out to the garden to pull all the carrots for canning today.  Once they are in the house and rinsed off, we'll get some schooling going.  The rest of my morning will be spent peeling carrots, cutting carrots with the help of the girls, and getting the canner going.  And I'm going to try real hard not to look further than my kitchen countertops lest I growl about seeing my least favorite seasonal task piled all over that will also need to be completed today.  

First things first.

May there not be any growling in your garden today!

Tammy ~@~


Laura said...

I have to can tomatoes today. I am growling, unfortunately. I need my countertops cleared to feel productive, and I have dozens upon dozens of tomatoes waiting for me... staring me down as I walk by... threatening me to go bad. Enough already, I'm going to go find my Canning for Dummies book and get going!

Good luck with your projects today! It's hard when there is a time crunch on when it needs to get accomplished!

Chris Worthy said...

That reminds me that I have a box of hand-me-downs that I need to pull from the attic... :)

Diane said...

My beets are still sitting in the ground. Totally irresponsible considering the type of weather we have up north here. At this point it is a out-of-site-out-of-mind coping mechanism. Too many other things going on!

val said...

Hi Tammy, I have been so refreshed and blessed as I have been soaking up your posts and being inspired to think more about my "spiritual gardening" looking towards eternity. I thank you so much for sharing all your thoughts, and your family times with us.
God bless you :0)
Val xx Oxfordshire UK

mom said...

Oh, I wish I lived nearby to help you with your tomatoes, Laura! I hope you got the task accomplished because there's nothing worse than vegetables staring you down (BTDT!)

Hope you got at your hand-me-downs, too, Chris!

Diane, I cannot count how many times I've dug carrots or beets out of the ground when it was SNOWING because I waited so long to get at them. This is probably the earliest I've ever canned either one and it does feel ohhh sooo good to be done!

Val, thank you for taking the time to leave me a note of encouragement. The timing was perfect and just what I needed! You've blessed my day!

Blessings to all!
Tammy ~@~

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