Friday, September 10

seeing red

Today I pick up my third bushel of tomatoes from my local farm market.  They used to come in an actual bushel basket that you could keep for a couple extra dollars.  Now they come in sturdy boxes which are nice, too.  
two boxes = fifty pounds = one bushel

Yes, I do grow tomatoes in my garden, too, but never enough that I have an abundance to be canning in bulk.  The tomatoes I get from the local farm market tend to be large and easy to work with in the canning process.  Processing tomatoes is one of my favorite harvesting tasks since they are so quick and easy to do.  It's simply a matter of pouring boiling water over a bowl full which makes their outer skins slip right off.  Cut the core out, slice them into quarters, and chop a little.  Before you know it there's a large bowl of tomatoes for processing!

This tomato canning season I have been given a salsa recipe that a majority of my family actually likes.  In fact, my husband almost likes it too much as he keeps opening jars and eating it up!  I keep reminding him that I'm canning for the long winter ahead, not for NOW....which has resulted in purchasing a third bushel to make some salsa I can hide away for winter in my food pantry.  Perhaps I can make a batch or two of fresh salsa with my garden tomatoes to keep him happy for a bit, eh?

Enjoy the bounty from your garden!

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Dot O said...

We got one single tomato from our six plants. Last year they all got rot, and the year before that I can't recall what did them in.

I think I just should buy some. My son likes making his own salsa and with one surviving beefsteak tomato and three cherry tomatoes, he had no hopes of making any salsa....

Have fun putting them up. I'd love to try my hand at that one day.

Have a blessed weekend, Tammy!

mom said...

Oh, Dot! I'm so sad to hear about your tomatoes! And someday when you're ready to try it yourself, give me a holler :-)

Tammy ~@~

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