Monday, September 13

Simple Woman's Daybook for September 13

For today September 13

Outside my window.....the skies are blue, the sun is shining, and it's suppose to get up into the mid-60's today. 

I am thinking....about the odd things that my children remember from 9/11 which probably aren't so odd as that event happened nine years ago when many of them were quite young. 

I am thankful.....for God's continued faithfulness in my life.

I am wearing.....a pair of capris with a hooded pink sweatshirt as our home is quite cool this morning.

I am hearing.....the dryer running as it finishes drying a load of towels.

I am creating.....a box full of clothes that my older boys have outgrown and don't want anymore that I will take to the thrift store.
I am get out in the garden this afternoon and cut down my corn stalks to use as porch decorations. 

I just finished reading....In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart by Ruth Graham
I am praying.....for several ministries at church that are kicking off a new season.
I am nice it really is to settle into a fall routine (once I stop fighting it!).

I am hoping.....that my husband's business stays busy through the fall months.
On my learning how to maneuver through the challenges of being a mom to adult children as each one is so different from the other.  How can I best fulfill that role and still be a good mom to those children at home?
From the learning rooms....we are entering our first full week of schooling.

Noticing that....the sun is lower in the sky these days as the daylight hours are noticeably shorter.

Pondering these words....."When God calls us to serve, he gives us what we need to accomplish his purpose in the lives of those we touch." ~ Ruth Graham

From the kitchen.....there is nothing but confusion as I'm having a hard time adjusting my meals to the number of people who are here to eat!  Who'd a'thunk that sending a teenage boy off to college would make such a huge difference in food and meal planning?  LOL!
Around the kitchen still has boxes and piles all over the place from when we switched over bedrooms and started schooling as that sorting task keeps getting pushed back because of canning.  However, we have people coming for Bible study on Wednesday so I am forced to get it cleaned up over the next day or two.

One of my favorite laughing out loud.  A merry heart truly does give us good health!

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include garden clean-up work, schooling, soccer games, a chiropractic appointment, a volunteer day at the pregnancy resource center, a midweek early morning women's Bible study at church with a Bible study in our home the same evening, a daughter's birthday, and taking care of the stack of paperwork on my desk.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.... 
Autumn colors are sprinkled throughout the woods already.  Soon there will be a brilliance of color which will be gone with the wisp of the wind.

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Jerralea said...

Oh my, that photo is gorgeous! You already have leaves turning those colors? You must be further north than I am.

I love laughing out loud too.

My family is changing, too. My girls are now 24, 19, and 17 and it's hard to relate as a mom. My 19 year old is getting married and then I'll really have changes to deal with! I see that you are learning as a mother-in-law as well, so I'm going to follow you!

Kimmie said...

For a moment, I though I could hear your laughter. ;-)

Your meal planning must be different, I don't know what I will do, some day when it is just down to my Knight and I again. (hmm, maybe that will never know I am addicted to adoption!)

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Dot O said...

All of these adjustments we deal with.... It's challenging and it's rewarding too.

It's cool here. Actually, I am at the beach for a couple of days with my sister and her family. For 48 hours, I am going to do some relaxing, and blog visiting, and photo editing, and some praying....

Oh, and I may soon be contacting you about the tomato thing. My friend and I may both put some tomatoes up together!

mom said...

I'm north enough, that's for sure, and I'm NOT looking forward to the coming of winter. I'd love to have you join as a follower, Jerralea, although I'm not sure you'll find a lot of mother-in-law help! I think it's a more challenging role than being a mother to your children because you are adding someone to your family who you haven't known for years. It takes time and patience and love as you get to know them and find ways to welcome them into your heart.

Kimmie, I don't anticipate you being an empty nester anytime soon! And yes, you could probably hear me laugh out loud :-)

Ummm, Dot, I am now coveting your beach time! Do holler if you need tomato advice when you get back home!

Tammy ~@~

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