Monday, September 20

spot check

I suppose some could blame it on the full moon.  I dunno.  I do know that it's been an interesting day of catching children doing things they weren't suppose to be doing as I did some surprise spot checks throughout the house.

*Finding a fun-to-read book inside of a school book as a child was reading in their room.

*Hearing a DVD math course playing in the background while a student was  playing a Nintendo DS.

*Creaking of the chair in the living room indicated a student was on the computer during school hours.

*Seeing a princess dress on someone who was suppose to be getting dressed.

All of which lead me to reminding children that fun reading is done after school work is done for the day, the Nintendo DS is suppose to be in MY possession during the week, the computer can only be used with permission, and sometimes we need to wear real clothes around here.

Dealing with these lapses of good behavior led me straight to the freezer to finish off my little bit of chocolate stash.

Perhaps we all need to stand in the corner today?

Hope your Monday is going better than mine!

Tammy ~@~


ChiGirl said...

Ohhhh two have been W.I.L.D. for the last 2 days. Instead of running to the chocolate stash today, I wanted to run away from home!! LOL

mom said...

How far north were you gonna run? My door is always open :-)

Love you!

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