Tuesday, September 21

a tea baby

Last year during our Bible study fellowship time, a couple women in our group were talking about a tea that they kept brewing.  It sounded very interesting to me especially since it was thought to have many health benefits.

Yesterday a friend called me and told me she had a SCOBY to drop off so that I could start my own kombucha tea.  It's probably best not to tell my children what SCOBY stands for - Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast - as it may instantly turn them off to the idea of drinking this tea, although quite possibly just seeing the SCOBY floating in the jar would do it on its own!  
She also gave me some starter liquid which I added to the tea preparation that I made in advance of her visit.  The gallon sized jar has been covered up with a breathable towel and has been put away in a dark place to grow and ferment as the SCOBY mother will reproduce a a daughter/baby over the next several days.  

I'm thinking this is perhaps a wonderful science experiment with benefits and it may be a good week for my kids to read and learn about kombucha tea - its history, its components, health claims, and the safe ways to brew it.   

Anyone brave enough to visit over a cup of tea? 

Tammy ~@~


randi said...

Hmmmm...this is interesting. Have heard of this tea before, but never tried it. Will be looking forward to see how this turns out. :)

LaughingLady said...

Yeah, not sure I'd be willing to give that a try... How 'bout I just bring my own tea bags! ;)

Interested to hear how it works out, though.

Tina said...

This may sound selfish, but I wouldn't share with the children. There might not be much left for you!

Diane said...

Consider yourself blessed! Kombucha is highly healthy for you. I'd love to come for tea!

stephseef said...

I've heard of it.

I've always liked you.

This is disgusting.



mom said...

Steph, does that mean you don't want to do tea when you're in my neck of the woods? ;-)

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

Hmm, suddenly I am glad that I lean heavily towards coffee. ;-) They sell this stuff through my local food co-op that I belong to...it comes highly recommended, but when they said it was fermented and a required taste,...well lets just say that it hasn't yet been tried.

Curious to see what you think. Brave, brave girl that you are Tammy!


mom said...

I love a good challenge! I haven't peeked at it yet as it's busy fermenting in a dark place....hee hee!

Tammy ~@~

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