Friday, September 3


As I look back over a week where we had three evenings of soccer instead of one because of the no games over Labor Day thing, canning tomatoes, frequently visiting a grandpa in the hospital who had knee replacement surgery, a volunteer shift at the pregnancy center, a couple of meetings, doing some tasks for a friend who is in a time crunch before her vacation, adding night flashes back into my sleep, AND trying to start some schooling, well, I'm feeling a bit on the low end of energy at the moment.  There's still all those boxes and piles of things that need sorting from our three bedroom switch over last week plus the usual laundry, etc. Right now I have two giant loads of sleeping bags washing and drying at the laundromat while I figure out my grocery list for the long weekend with family coming home.  Now are YOU starting to feel a bit on the low end of energy at the moment after reading all that?

Although I may feel physically weak at the moment, I can say without a doubt that my strength comes from God as He has energized me spiritually while I've witnessed His work around me this week.  That even in all the busyness my heart has been fined tuned in His direction.  That is the key, my dear friend!

So as I forge through the day catching up on this and that and the other thing, I look forward to a long weekend of unlaboring as I connect with family and friends which means it may be a bit quiet here.  Unlaboring will allow me time to refresh, renew, and relax while I spend time catching up with family AND savoring some time in God's Word.

May your Labor Day weekend hold some unlaboring time for YOU, too!

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stephseef said...

some of my best quiet times have been at laundromats.

Diane said...

You have a good weekend, Tammy!

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