Saturday, September 25

winding down

It's hard to believe that the time has passed this quickly, but this morning is the last game of the soccer season for my youngest.  As I consider the future, this could also quite possibly be the last soccer game I coach.  

It's been a very enjoyable experience.  The parents of the kids on my team have been committed throughout the season and have always been encouraging.  What a blessing!

But on the other's time to be done.  We've had a lot of rainy practices and games this fall in cooler weather.  This morning as we're getting ready to leave the house for all the girls games, it's only around 42 degrees.  Much too cool for this old mama!  

Only one soccer hurrah left to go as the two older girls have a tournament next weekend.  Then we can officially put shin guards and soccer balls away for another year.  Ahhhhhhh!

May you enjoy your autumn weekend!

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