Wednesday, October 20

the beauty of rags

There's many a giveaway in the blog world, but there's only a few that truly make me stop and pause for a moment and they typically involve quilting or fabric.  What can I say?  I simply adore quilts!  And this giveaway is exceptional!

Stop over to visit Angie and leave a comment - or jump through some other hoops to enter more times - to have a possibility to win a custom handmade rag quilt.  You'll find all the details right here on Angie's giveaway post   If I can't win, I'd sure love to see one of my readers win!


Tammy ~@~


Anonymous said...

What a great site Angie has! I have to admit to severe covetousness of her photography skills.

Debbie Wells said...

Hi Tammy~ So nice to meet you! I found your blog from *A simple Woman's Daybook* and I'm so glad I did...I am a quilter off to Angie's site and then back here to browse around your blog some more...blessings to you and thanks for sharing your give away find! Deb from Oregon

mom said...

Me, too, Anita!

Nice to meet a fellow quilter, too! Thanks for stopping by, Debbie!

Tammy ~@~

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