Wednesday, October 13

by prayer

Here's the quote I'm pondering today that came from my early morning women's Bible study that we are doing on prayer:

"And this is the point of prayer.  By prayer man consents to the rule of God in his life.  By prayer man seeks God's will and yields to it.  By prayer man asks God for that which he knows he needs and can receive only from God....Prayer is that contact man has with the Heavenly Father to satisfy the deepest needs of his life." ~ Richard Halverson

About all I can add to that is "AMEN!" as I witness God working in ways that ONLY He can be acknowledged with praise and thanksgiving.

May your day be filled with whispered prayers from start to finish!

Tammy ~@~


Anonymous said...

Wonderful quote again, Tammy!

mom said...

Thanks, Jenny! It is a very good one :-)

Tammy ~@~

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