Saturday, October 30

the perfect blend

"God's presence blends with every other thought and consciousness, flowing sweetly and evenly through our business plans, our social converse, our heart's affections, our manual toil, our entire life--blending with all, consecrating all, and conscious through all, like the fragrance of a flower, or the presence of a friend consciously near, and yet not hindering in the least the most intense and constant preoccupation of the hands and brain.  How beautiful the established habit of this unceasing communion and dependence, amid and above all thoughts and occupations!  How lovely to see a dear old saint folding away his books at night and humbly saying, 'Lord Jesus, things are still just the same between us,' and the falling asleep in His keeping.

So let us be stayed upon Him.  Let us grow into Him with all the root and fibers of our being.  He will not get tired of our friendship.  He will not want to put us off sometimes.  Beautiful words of the suffering saint: 'He never says good-bye.'  He stays.  So let us be stayed on Him." ~ A.B. Simpson

Yes, let us grow into Him with all the roots and fibers of our being allowing His fragrance like a flower to blend into every part of our lives.

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