Friday, October 15

THE Point

"As Christians, our reference point is the Bible.  We must teach, both by instruction and example, that the Scriptures and Jesus Christ are our source of authority.  All values, judgments, and attitudes must be gauged in relationship to the Reference Point.

This is best done by simply abiding in the Word of God letting our children see our love and respect for the truth of Scripture.  We must let them observe us daily seeking our own direction and light from its pages.  Then, slowly, little by little, we must lead them to seek answers to their own problems and questions, relying on the one certain reference point in a wildly changing world." ~ Gigi Graham Tchividjian

What excellent advice which I completely and wholeheartedly agree with as practical and necessary advice for ever believer, especially parents.  I have seen many people regret that they didn't take much time to spend in God's Word over the years, but have yet to talk to someone who complained about spending too much time studying God's Word.  So may I encourage you to make time to be in God's Word daily and allow all that you are learning from it to overflow into the lives of your family as you point them to THE Reference Point as there is nothing more important than that in today's culture.

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